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Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

April | October & November

Unless raking leaves is your idea of weekend fun, let sceLawnCare handle your Spring & Fall clean-up needs! We have several zero turn mowers with baggers and many high powered commercial backpack blowers to tackle any size job.

Frequently Asked Questions


How often do you come?


Spring cleanups are a once and done job. Fall cleanups we recommend doing several visits due to both the immense quantity of leaves as well as the unpredictability of mother nature and when the snow may come.

What do you do with the leaves?


In the fall. leaves are generally left at the curbside for the town to pickup or dumped in the woods. If you have a specific request to have us haul away the debris please let us know and we can put that into your estimate. Spring cleanups require either a location in the woods for dumping or a removal fee as the towns of Webster and Ontario do not pickup leaves curbside in the spring.

How much does it cost?


Every property is different, however here are some ball park prices for a traditional 1/3 acre lot.

  • For weekly mowing customers:

    • Fall cleanups added on to existing mowing service are generally only $5-$25 extra per week pending lot size and quantity of leaves. Every time we fill the bagger up on our small mower we charge an extra $5 per fill and dump. Our big trac-vac unit holds about 5 times as much and therefore is $25 extra per fill and dump.

  • For non mowing customers and larger clean ups:

    • Cleanups requested as only a one to two time visit are $68 man hour with a 2 man hour minimum.

  • Please contact us for pricing on your specific property

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