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Core Aeration & Overseeding

Spring & Fall


All natural turf lawns benefit from core aeration.


Our state of the art ride on aeration machine pulls plugs of soil 2-4" long out of  your turf. These plugs sit on the surface and breakup within a few weeks. During aeration, our machine can also drop grass seed to overseed and thicken up the turf.


Most lawn aerations and overseedings are performed during the months of April, May, September, and October.



Core aeration is a great way to improve the heath of your lawn. Here are some benefits of lawn aeration:

  • Reduce soil compaction

  • Control thatch

  • Improve the flow of oxygen

  • Helps water and nutrients get to the roots

  • Prepares lawn for over seeding when aerated.


Our well trained operators can control the pressure the tines exert on the ground to help ensure consistent results in various soil conditions.


Aeration - $84 + tax for the first 12,000 square feet and $5 + tax for each additional 1,000 sq. ft.

Overseeding - when added onto aeration, overseeding  is only $285 + tax (up to 12,000 square feet) and then $9 + tax for every thousand additional sq. ft.

Marking of utilities, invisible fence, and irrigation systems:

The length of the plugs from the aerator can vary between 2-4", however it is possible for the tines to sink down in the ground 5-6". Therefore it is EXTREMELY important that anything 6" or less underground is marked prior to our arrival. This includes but is not limited to: Invisible fence, irrigation systems/sprinkler heads, cable lines, and any/all other utilities or objects that are 6" or less beneath the surface. Steve's Cutting Edge Lawn Care Inc. will not be held responsible for damage to any unmarked utilities or objects.



This is what a yard looks like before aerating. You have a layer of thatch, the grass has shallow roots, and your soil is hard and compacted. Your lawn has a hard time soaking in water, oxygen, fertilizer, and nutrients, to help establish a beautiful, healthy, green lawn.

Right After

After your yard is aerated: You now have improved air circulation to the grass roots for fertilizer and water. Now your grass roots will start to grow deeper. With deeper grass roots, your yard will now thicken up and become more resilient. It will have a higher heat and drought tolerance. You will now keep more water and lawn fertilizer in your yard too.

2 Months After

Your deeper roots have created a thicker yard to help keep out weeds and disease. You will be able to go longer between watering without your lawn showing signs of stress. Remember in the Summer to raise you lawn mower deck higher to help keep your yard greener and nice looking because shorter grass leads to burning.

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