Customer Testimonials



Earlier this year, when signing up for the first time, I asked that the crew is careful to make sure our gates are closed when they leave. Our fun loving dogs love to sneak out. I want to take a moment to say thank you as the gate is always closed when they leave. I know it seems like a small thing, but it's great to not have to run after them especially as we have a wooded area nearby that makes it a real challenge. Please pass along my thanks to the team! Thanks

07-14-2021 03:49 PM


Very cool machine clean driveway no monster piles.

02-29-2020 12:13 PM


SCE Snow blowing service was a welcome change from the traditional snow plowing services. Since 1999 I had a snow plowing service and in recent years, I was becoming more annoyed with the service. Lawn damage at the end of the driveway. Plow damage to a brand-new driveway. Two inches of hard packed snow/ice left on spots of the driveway because the plow couldn't scrape it clean. Heavy wet snow would leave the driveway a mess and I would have to clear it by hand. Piling the snow on the wrong side of the driveway so when the town came through to clear the road the snow would end up back in my driveway. Unsafe pile at the end of the driveway impairing visibility

02-29-2020 09:27 AM


Steve, This is the best my driveway has ever been and it has been plowed for over 30 years. The safety advantage over plowing can not be stressed enough.

02-28-2020 03:57 PM


Although you mention no snow piles, I think you should also add "no snow drifts" to your list of things that we love about snow blowing. Very happy with year 2 and looking forward to year 3 and beyond with your company!

02-28-2020 03:12 PM


Dear Steve,

We are very, very happy with our snow removal service that you are providing this winter. The snow blower arrives as appropriate according to snow fall depth and often just after the town plow has passed. (This is the best timing!) The man who does the work is very careful and very thorough. He gets as close as possible to our garage door and to the car that is parked in the driveway. He snow blows the entire length and width of the pavement – right to your driveway edge markers. One of the best extras that he does is to blow a little on each side of the driveway along the street. This clears the mailbox which helps the mailman. (Our neighbors are watching and evaluating their service against your service at our house. They are impressed with your service!!)

Thank you for such good service!

02-08-2020 2:55 PM


Very pleased with the snow blowing service. They always seemed to know when to come. (Right after the town plow left a pile in front of our driveway.) The whole driveway was cleaned, not just one swipe down the middle. We would recommend Steve's service highly.

02-28-2020 03:12 PM


Excellent...they really stay on top of impending snowfalls and communicate it effectively on their Facebook page.

02-28-2020 03:05 PM


I never had to worry if my driveway was going to be plowed. They do a quick and efficient job. Very pleased with the snow blowing.

03-01-2020 02:57 PM


Please personally tell the person doing the service how pleased I am. His work was appreciated and not taken for granted

02-28-2020 03:19 PM


SCE does a great job. Been a happy customer for many years, very reliable & professional

02-28-2020 03:54 PM


The tractor snow blowing is outstanding versus traditional truck & plow. Also, the tractor operator was very attentive and noticed I had made a dog walk area in front, so he avoided blowing snow into it.

02-29-2020 10:01 PM


I've been very pleased with your snowblowing services - greatly preferred over snowplowing which caused a lot of damage to my lawn, and left huge piles of snow in my yard. Thank you!

02-29-2020 09:35 PM


Steve, This is the best my driveway has ever been and it has been plowed for over 30 years. The safety advantage over plowing can not be stressed enough.

02-29-2020 02:22 PM


Best in the business

02-29-2020 12:42 PM


I was very pleased with the service thank you good work.

03-03-2020 06:57 PM


Love the nice neat look and that the snow blower gets right down to the pavement

02-29-2020 12:26 PM


Very reliable and excellent service!

02-28-2020 11:49 PM


I loved your reliable service. I never had to worry that my driveway would not be cleared by 7 AM (the time I need to leave to get to work). I was never woken up by your equipment, only the town plows!

02-28-2020 07:48 PM


Excellent quality and customer service

02-28-2020 05:26 PM


Dependable service with care for my property.

02-28-2020 05:00 PM


Steve's did a fantastic job! They were always on time, did a great job, no damage to the yard. The kids even got a kick out of watching the tractor. Will definitely be hiring them again next season!

03-02-2020 11:23 AM


My only complaint was I never got to see it in action! When I woke up in the morning the driveway was clear and when I got home from work it was done again. I heard the snow blower in the driveway once and by the time I got to the window to watch they were done! Amazing service...thanks!!!

03-02-2020 10:33 AM


Always excellent, reliable service. Loved the snow blowing, made the driveway look so much cleaner and no big piles.

03-16-2020 05:47 PM


Quality work that is timely with professional people.

02-28-2020 04:15 PM

Rick and Kathy

Excellent snow removal with no lawn damage

02-28-2020 04:37 PM


This was our first year and we were not disappointed at all. The driveway, including the end of it was very clean. No damage to the lawn and reliable. GREAT JOB!

03-10-2020 03:13 PM


On time and a nice job each time it snowed.

03-01-2020 11:53 AM


Very pleased with the service. Keep up the good work!

03-08-2020 09:20 PM


Very consistent in getting the job done in the early am prior to my departure. They have over 20 driveways in my neighborhood so that is impressive! Never had to reach out the entire season!

02-28-2020 03:10 PM


your service was great, no damage to lawn which is a big plus

02-28-2020 04:53 PM


Great service, nice appearance, FAST job.

02-28-2020 03:08 PM


The snow blowing service is fantastic. Its very quiet and there is no scrapping damage to our newly top coated driveway either. They come nice and early so the driveway is all clean when I leave for the Gym early. Great job guys thanks so much

03-06-2020 08:48 AM


Season to date, 13 times you've cleaned my driveway. Except for a strip on the right side, no lawn damage. Though we had a light season overall, I have plans to use your service next season too.

03-02-2020 05:33 AM


Always plowed early.

03-03-2020 09:56 AM


it has been a mild Winter so far and the service has been good. There have been more ice problems. Timing has been the issue. The Town does not plow all the way to the gutter and fills in the bottom after you have blown out the driveway. Then it gets driven on and turns to ice.

03-02-2020 03:14 PM


Great service!

02-28-2020 04:37 PM


Great work! Will work with Steve's again!

03-12-2020 09:50 AM


I was very pleased with your services!

02-28-2020 03:55 PM


Quality with timely service based on the amount of snow and time of day of the storm !

02-28-2020 03:39 PM


Great job!

02-28-2020 03:38 PM


This was an unusual winter. I don't know if snow was cleared to the pavement as well as the plow, and I think you stayed further away from the garage door than with the plow. But it was great not having the huge piles at the end of driveway!!

03-01-2020 04:09 PM


You always do a great job and will need you next year keep up the great work and service!

02-28-2020 03:30 PM


5 star service!

03-01-2020 09:33 AM


Everything is always good

03-04-2020 08:25 AM


Great service

02-29-2020 12:37 PM


Outstanding service!

03-03-2020 06:47 PM


Great service.

03-17-2020 09:48 AM


I am expecting to use you again next year

02-28-2020 04:03 PM


Very reliable.

03-10-2020 05:20 PM


Great Job!

02-28-2020 02:53 PM


Great service!

03-03-2020 05:22 PM