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Fertilization & Weed Control



In the Spring of 2022 we unveiled our lawn treatment program. With seasons of success and beautiful looking lawns we are continuing to offer this service to the Webster, Penfield and Ontario areas. We truly believe in the benefits of this added 5 step care program to ones lawn. From fertilization correcting nutrient balance and promoting healthy growth of the lawn, to the weed control eliminating the unsightly weeds and allowing more grass and stronger grass to grow, it is a much needed foundation for a healthy and green lawn. We include grub and insect treatment as well. Grubs can do damage long before the damage actually becomes visible so it is important to get ahead of them and prevent the damage from even beginning. 

In our first season we welcomed two certified pesticide technicians to the team. After great success we were able to bring more techs aboard as well as certified commercial applicators. It is important to have trained and registered technicians/commercial applicators to assure the quality, safety and consistency of your lawn treatment program. 

Advantages of Fertilization & Weed Control

  • Eliminating Weeds​

  • Balanced Nutrient Levels In Soil

  • Healthier Soil

  • Better water retention in the lawn (more efficient water use)

  • Grub and insect Control

  • Stronger/Greener Lawn







Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does SCELawnCare Service with their Fertilization & Weed Control Program?

We service most areas of the towns of Webster, Penfield and Ontario. 

How do I sign up?

1. Contact us for a free quote  (The yellow estimate request button on our homepage)

2. Sign up - You will need to sign our contract and submit the first payment for services to begin. 

When does SCELawnCare come to service my lawn?

You will be notified 24hours in advance of services times and or a date change due to weather.

• Step 1 Pre and Post Emergent Plus Fertilizer: 4/10-4/30 Alternative Dates (5/01-5/21)  


• Step 2 Pre and Post Emergent Plus Fertilizer: 5/01-5/21 Alternative Dates (5/22-6/11) 

• Step 3 Post Emergent /Insecticide/ Fertilizer: 6/01-6/21 Alternative Dates (6/22-7/12) 

• Step 4 Post Emergent Plus Fertilizer: 8/01-8/21 Alternative Dates (8/22-9/11) 

  • Step 5 Post Emergent Plus Fertilizer: 9/01-9/21 Alternative Dates 9/22-10/12)

   How much does it cost?

   (click here for complete pricing)


Package pricing starts at $595 + tax for turf square footage 12,000 sq feet or less. 

Receive a $25 referral credit for each new customer you send our way (no limits)

In addition:

If you are a current snow removal or lawn mowing customer a 5% discount will be applied.


If 5 Neighbors sign up for service all will receive a 10% Neighborhood Discount. 

Here are our Complete Terms and Conditions.

Steve's Cutting Edge Lawn Care is ready to provide you with our 5 Step Lawn Care Treatment

What you can expect:

  • Five lawn visits beginning in the Spring and concluding in the Fall

  • The use of both granular and liquid products to better treat your lawn

  • To include broadleaf weed, crabgrass and grub control.

  • Applications will be applied by D.E.C trained and certified technicians/applicators

Learn about the products we use here.

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