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Spring & Fall


Dethatching is completed in Spring or Fall and can be helpful for lawns that have developed more than a 3/4" layer of thatch. It is also useful to help rejuvenate your lawn and matted down grass after a long hash winter.

Our Machines:

Your lawn will be power-raked with a JRCO dethatching rake. Immediately proceeding the power-raking, our mower will also suck up and collect all of the thatch and dead grass raked up, leaving a clean professional end result.


$155 + tax for the first 12,000 square feet and $8 + tax for each additional 1,000 sq. ft. contact us today for a quote! If you do not have a location for onsite dumping of the dead grass a haul away fee for the grass starts at $68.00 + tax.

Marking of invisible fence and irrigation systems:

Although our power rakes don't penetrate deep down into the ground, they do scratch the surface of the soil. We want to take extra precaution when dethatching lawns containing utilities only inches under the surface such as but not limited to: invisible fence (if the wire wasn't buried when installed) and irrigation systems. If your property contains any of these, please mark them out so we can be sure to go around them. Steve's Cutting Edge Lawn Care Inc. will not be held responsible for damage to any unmarked utilities or objects.

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