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Slice Seeding

Spring & Fall


Lawns that are in rough shape will benefit better from slice seeding compared to aeration and overseeding.


Our state of the art ride on slice seeding machine cuts narrow furrows (trenches) about 1/2"-1" deep and 1/8" wide in  your turf. These furrows allow for ultimate seed to soil contact, which in return promotes excellent germination.


Most slice seeding is performed during the months of April, May, September, and October. It is VERY important to make sure a pre-emergent (crab grass preventer) has not been put down on the lawn prior (2 months or less) to overseeding.


Important Tips:
  • Water, water, water. Grass seed needs to stay moist all the time until it is well established. The ground should always remain moist while taking care not to wash out the seed. Watering may be necessary up to 3 times a day depending on the temperature and precipitation amounts.

  • Wait until the majority of the grass sprouts are at least 1-2 inches tall (3-4 weeks) before applying regular fertilizer, weedkiller, and/or a pre-emergent such as crab grass preventer.

  • Starter fertilizer should be applied to help the newly planted seed


Due to the nature of the slicing process, slice seeding will also pull up some of the thatch to the surface. This thatch should be left as it contains some seed and also will help retain moisture in the soil. You can gently rake around any larger piles of thatch. If your lawn has  a lot of thatch it may be a good idea to consider having us dethatch the lawn prior to slice seeding. However, lawns that often have a lot of thatch are usually thicker and might benefit more from aeration and overseeding rather than slice seeding.


$325 + tax for the first 12,000 square feet and $14 + tax for each additional 1,000 sq. ft.

Marking of utilities, invisible fence, and irrigation systems:

The depth of the furrows from the slice seeder can vary between 1/2"-1", however it is possible for the blades to sink down in the ground 2-2.5". Therefore it is EXTREMELY important that anything 6" or less underground is marked prior to our arrival. This includes but is not limited to: Invisible fence, irrigation systems/sprinkler heads, cable lines, and any/all other utilities or objects that are 6" or less beneath the surface. Steve's Cutting Edge Lawn Care Inc. will not be held responsible for damage to any unmarked utilities or objects.

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