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Lawn Rolling

April & May

Lawn Rolling:

Lawn Rolling is completed in April or May and can be helpful for a spring lawn maintenance schedule if you are trying to remove minor bumps or smooth out uneven lawn sections. 

Our Machines:

Your lawn will be rolled with a ride on roller that is at least a 1.5 ton machine. We don't use cheap tow behind rollers. Our rollers are heavy duty paving rollers.


$69 + tax for the first 12,000 square feet and $4 + tax for each additional 1,000 sq. ft. contact us today for a quote!

Marking of utilities, invisible fence, septic, and irrigation systems:

Although our rollers don't penetrate down into the ground, we still want to take extra precaution when rolling lawns containing utilities only inches under the surface such as but not limited to: invisible fence, septic tanks, and irrigation systems. If your property contains any of these, please mark them out so we can be sure to go around them. Steve's Cutting Edge Lawn Care Inc. will not be held responsible for damage to any unmarked utilities or objects.

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