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Expand your living area to the outdoors with a great hardscape project by sceLawnCare! We also offer hardscaping retaining walls to bring out the natural beauty in your landscaping.

Our Process

Free consultation & estimate

We will stop out to your home, find out your needs and design a plan to meet your needs and budget.


Approve designs and select products

There are tons of products on the market, let us help point you in the direction of something that will give you the look you want and hold up for years to come.

The install

All projects start with a solid foundation. Working top down, most pavers are 2.5” thick, an inch of sand, and 4-6” of compacted crusher run #1 stone. Whether it’s by hand or machine, we usually have to dig down at least 7-10”. Once the foundation is dug out we will install and compact 4-6” of crusher run stone. Next we screed a perfectly flat and correctly pitched layer about 1” thick of cushion sand. Next, pavers are carefully arranged and installed. Lastly, polymeric sand is installed and vibrated down into the joints. The end result is a great outdoor surface which will hold up for years to come.

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